Session Components

Immediate interactive lesson modeling:

  • We begin with an engaging lesson that is classroom ready. This lesson is our springboard for the follow-up discussions.

Dissection of the effective model strategies:

  • Teachers will analyze specific teaching techniques and strategies demonstrated in the model lesson. We will focus on specific strategies through excerpts from our book “Teaching and Loving it!”

Conversations about active learning:

  • Teacher will explore research based strategies that fall under the umbrella of active learning. Participants will reflect on the use of these strategies in their own classrooms.

Benefits of math and science teacher collaboration:

  • Conversations regarding how working together increases the success of your math and science students.

Experience an integrated math and science Lesson That Matters:

  • Delve into one of our learner-centered, thought provoking lessons on topics students care about. These are always aligned to state or national standards.

Implementation across disciplines

  • Time for teachers to collaborate within and between disciplines.

  • Tailoring an integrated lesson to your classroom.