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  • What happens in a session? Our three pronged approach.

  • What does a typical day of professional development look like?

Why us?

Let’s get real. We recognize science and math pose unique hurdles that trip up a lot of people.

We work with educators in private and public schools to improve secondary math and science instruction. Our workshops are designed to open conversations between math and science teachers to leverage the skills required in both disciplines.

What we do:

Skill Building to Increase Student Achievement

    • Model strategies that increase student problem solving skills and transfer of knowledge between disciplines

Science and Mathematics Integration

    • Use the curriculum of both disciplines to increase student success and interest

    • Focus on the students' world through lessons that provide hope for a changing planet

Classroom Management

    • Develop strategies and routines that maximize student success in math and science classrooms

    • Includes excerpts from our book "Teaching and Loving It!"

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