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Teach a Lesson That Matters.

We create lessons that matter. We believe in integrated lessons that blend math and science to promote a deep understanding of both disciplines. Our lessons are STEM centered, arise from our backgrounds in science and math, and develop a critical thinking approach for problems and solutions needed for today's world.

By incorporating the critical thinking and concepts of both disciplines into lessons that engage students, we have found increased student understanding and retention of tested concepts and skills.

We provide staff development that empowers teachers to guide students to strengthen their math and science skills. Our online workshops incorporate strategies for reaching students wherever they are.

Our staff development is designed to develop college readiness through research based practices.

now offering online professional development

In our staff development, we work with teachers through lessons we have developed that have high student interest to today's young people. These lessons inspire students to make a positive change in their world. Our lessons teach required math and science objectives through strategies that can be transferred to all lessons.

Teachers at our workshops experience first hand the joy and excitement of learning difficult concepts using skills that are foundational in both courses. We pull back the curtain on how master teachers operate to get results with all students.

Contact Us: ltm@lessonsthatmatter.org for a quote regarding your staff development needs.