Problems That Matter

Welcome teachers. We are pleased to offer free resources for your online, hybrid and face-to-face teaching. The page focuses on biology resources though there are integrated resources as well.

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Unit 1 Celebration of Learning

Student may use the video to prepare for the assessment. These are the actual questions. During testing, they will each be assigned 2 of the 7 questions, with each student receiving a random selection. Make a copy of the Google Slides here. The questions are in the notes.

Lipids. A modeling lesson adapted for online, face-to-face, or maybe any other delivery method yet to be discovered. Let's face it, these are uncertain times. Looking for more great lessons and ideas for first semester topics?

A modeling lesson on carbohydrates. A student-centered active learning exercise.

Water Molecules

I made this short video to introduce some chemical properties of water before students manipulate water molecules in exercise below.

A modeling lesson for the structure of water,

This practice problem reviews material from chemistry in biology, particularly nitrogen needs.

This practice problem reviews material on cell structure and function through a water potential problem.

This lesson and practice problem looks at the effect of invasive species and how to compare using Simpson's Diversity Index. This reviews material in ecology.

This "at-home" lab on plant response to the environment, is meaningful practice in lab design and data analysis.

Examine the threatened mussel and fish host while pondering the effect of the infection on heat shock proteins, transcription, translation, and symbiotic relationships.

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