LTM founders


Penny Smeltzer’s passion is meaningful math and science integration that fits the curricular needs of teachers as well as educates students to responsibly care for our planet. Bringing ideas for positive change to high school students and teachers within the curriculum already in place could inspire a global attitude shift and make a difference. She is on a quest to make the population more statistically literate to promote better decision making for all of us. Taking care of our planet, protecting our resources, and maintaining a sense of wonder has been part of her teaching to both her sons and students.

Penny has enjoyed teaching most middle and high school math courses and AP Statistics since its beginning. For over a decade she has been an AP Statistics grader and rubric team member and currently serves as the co-chair of the Test Development Committee. She has served as the Statistics Content Specialist for the National Math & Science Initiative writing innovative lessons and training teachers coast to coast. Her recognition includes Presidential Award Finalist, O’Donnell AP Teacher of the Year, Intel Teacher of Merit, Texas Exes Outstanding Teacher, national winner of the Siemen’s Teacher Award, District Teacher of the Year, and Toyota International Teacher Award Galapagos Tour. She has presented workshops to teachers and students from New York City to San Diego, the Florida Keys to Northern Michigan, and overseas to Singapore and Hong Kong.


Joy Killough is a career science educator. She has had the privilege of working with students of all ages from elementary through college. Penny and Joy dare to dream that they can make a difference through education by changing the way people study the issues facing the world. They are creating lessons on critical topics as a path toward a more educated citizenry.

Joy has consulted in science education throughout the United States and internationally, and she enjoys exchanging stories and lessons with other educators. She received a Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching in 2011. The Texas Academy of Science named her the 2012 Outstanding Texas Educator. She is a recipient of the Outstanding Biology Teacher Award from the National Association of Biology Teachers, and the Texas Medical Association's Ernest and Sarah Butler Award for Excellence in Science Teaching. She was recognized with the Intel Innovations in Teaching Award, and the Seminole Pipeline Award for Teacher Achievement.

Joy holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas A&M University. At A&M she has taught pre-service teachers in science methods and content. Her research interests include AP Biology professional development, reforms in science education, teaching and learning strategies via active learning, and authentic inquiry, and math-science integration.